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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Going up

News accross the globe is that copper is on the rise, I kid you not, this precious metal will gain in price with gold and silver on the rise as well, check out this article... One should really do the homework before investing in anything, please go look around and check out what I'm talking about, I think you will find that what I say is genuine and very real, I have taken the liberty of putting together the following tips for you.. :)
I believe if you take the time to really look into investing in precious metals you can't go wrong... If you agree with what I'm talking about please feel free to follow my blog... Until next time, happy investing,,, Oh yea, hoe did you like the homemade silver refinery video... It rocked I think...

Monday, June 6, 2011

100 oz Gold Nugget

Gold prospectors are popping up everywhere with the price of gold on the rise, in todays Yahoo headline, last year some guy found a 100 oz gold nugget. people get a wiff of that and start flocking like seagulls to a mickey d's french fry, Gold silver and copper all play and inportant role in a our socienty, Plus its the only real monetary value there is, investing in these metals is a very smart way to head your retirement fund. Just things to think about. Anyways, here is the link to the Yahoo story for your reading....,ca

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Well, Its official

I have been doing so much research on this copper thing I have started to look through all my pennies and guess what, a majority of the are pre 1982 95% copper, so from now on when I see a penny on the ground, I will pick it up.. lol its almost like finding a nickle laying there, and I know most of you would pick that up, any ways i'm getting undrway in copper venture, I hope some of you out there who have been following my blog have decided to try copper as an investment, I myself are trying to be able to work myself upto silver than gold if the markets don't get the high before then, anyways, stayed tuned, I will be posting some more stuff in the next few days...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Copper is found almost everywhere..

I was thinking about copper last night and realized, its all over the place, All your electrical cords speaker wire headphones, what if you took all the old crap you just thru away and strip the copper from it, you would have a little copper mine, copper is about $4.13 a pound right now, what if you stored up all that copper including pennies minted before 1982 for one year, you would have enough at the end of the year to pay for internet for at least a year. copper is realitively heavy so it wouldn't take long to save it up... And if you watched that video I posted yesterday, you would know you could double your money just by going to the bank, buying 50 dollars of pennies or how much ever your budget will allow and sort through them, pre 1982 in one pile post 1982 in another pile, the post 1982 you send back to the bank for face value, now, every penny printed before 1982 is worth 2.7 Cents, so you see, if you take the time to do that, you could really make alot of extra money, You could even have your kids sort through them to save you time... Its also A good idea to watch the market on copper prices as well, buy low and sell high, Its a good way to start out, make enough money with copper start on silver next, but always save your copper because when silver hits $100 an ounce, big business is going to be looking for a cheaper metal to use as a conductor and Copper is right behind Silver.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Invest little now for alot later

With gold and silver prices soaring these days and inflation up, is there anything worth investing in that's pretty solid and is still reasonably cheap? Well the Answer is Yes have you been looking at the rising copper prices in recent months, It has outdone gold and silver, as a matter of fact, they quit making pennies out of copper because the scrap value was worth more than the face value, However, even by collecting old copper pennies your making a good investment. Even the Coin collector can get into the act, they have some very high quality coins out in grams, 1/10 ounce sizes troy ounces and I have seen them all the way up to 1lb bricks, and very high quality never touched coins and bricks. I urge you to invest in your future weather it be copper, silver, gold or platinum, One day if the market falls out, precious metals will be the only real value, so don't caught short. I will be posting more links and information as I get it, so bookmark this page and start investing today... I'm sure you already have and you just don't know it, Check out the video below to get started... :)